98.7% of dental plaque
eliminated in 60 seconds!

B-Smiile, the ultrasonic toothbrush recommended by dentists.

B-SMIILE™ | The Smart Toothbrush

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Efficient 360° ultrasonic brushing

Designed for all types of jaws and dentitions, the B-Smiile toothbrush cleans your teeth thoroughly and dislodges up to 98.7% of dental plaque.

Its soft silicone bristles allow 360° brushing without the need for a brush gums and remove residue between the teeth, where a tooth is not in contact with the gum classic brush can not go.

  • 3 times more efficient than a classic brush
  • Brushing in 60 seconds
  • 100% waterproof
  • Prevents bleeding (sensitive gums)

Whiten your teeth every time you brush !

The LED light whitens teeth painlessly with every brush and without causing sensitivity. Efficient, safe and used by dentists, the LED light therapy ensures a radiant smile of and a 2-in-1 brushing that respects your health and your body mouth.

  • 14 uses with a single refill
  • Optimal oral hygiene
  • Compatible with bridges, rings, pivots, implants and trays
  • +10,000 customers use it every day
  • Whitens teeth for a confident smile

On average, B-Smiile is amortized in only 9 months and lasts 20 times longer (compared to buying toothbrushes), the longer it takes for the classic).

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3 times more effective than manual brushing

Ultrasound dislodges bacteria and plaque that have accumulated over the course of the day. Silicone bristles provide 360° brushing without damaging your gums and between your teeth to ensure optimal hygiene. Rinse your B-Smiile toothbrush and then apply a net of toothpaste to start your treatment.

Whiten your teeth every time you brush !

The blue light ensures a whitening care during brushing. Technology approved and used by dentists, the patented LEDs offer a whitening effect in a few days, without damaging the enamel.

2-in-1 brushing in 60 seconds

Soft silicone bristles brush effectively where a conventional toothbrush cannot. Light therapy offers a whitening treatment in 60 seconds for a radiant smile. Discover the new generation of 2-in-1 brushing.


Yes, B-Smiile cleans deep down and between the teeth where a regular toothbrush can't go. Ultrasounds remove plaque and bacteria, ensuring optimal hygiene.

The technology used by B-Smiile is innovative. Recommended by dentists, the B-Smiile brush ensures effective brushing in only 60 seconds compared to 3 minutes for manual brushing.

The silicone bristles of the B-Smiile brush are softer and more gum-friendly than the nylons of traditional toothbrushes. In addition to a better effectiveness, they do not attack the gums.

Silicone does not retain bacteria once cleaned. Used in medicine and food, silicone has all the properties to ensure perfect hygiene, much more than a conventional toothbrush.

The soft silicone tray adapts to all types of jaws and dentitions, even on rings, bridges and implants.